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Whether you're looking for more information, or you'd like to let us know how we did, you'll find easy ways to get in touch with our customer support team right here.


You can send an email to [email protected]. We'll do our best to respond within 1 business day to your question or issue. Thank you!


You can get in touch with someone from our team on Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM EST/EDT or Saturday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST/EDT

Toll Free in the US & Canada: 866-942-3288
International calling: 605-252–3234

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get assistance if I need it?

We have 3 quick and easy solutions! We're here to help you!

1. Call the Barton Nutrition customer service team. We are here for you:

Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST/EDT
Saturday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST/EDT
Toll Free in the US & Canada: 866-942-3288
Outside of the US and Canada: +1 605-252-3234

2. Email the Barton Nutrition Customer Service team. We look forward to helping you with your inquiry!

We respond to email messages in the order that they are received, and we will respond to your email as quickly as possible. Email [email protected] to send our customer service team an email.

Go ahead - start a conversation by visiting our website and clicking on the icon in the lower right hand corner.

How do I cancel my order?

You can request to cancel your order within a short time period after placing your order. To cancel your order, please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 866-942-3288 if you need to cancel urgently as our email response time is 1-2 days. (Outside of the US and Canada: +1 605-252-3234).

If your order has already shipped, the window to cancel has passed and your order is not eligible for cancellation. We're unable to cancel an order beyond this time period.

(Note: Auto orders ship the next day and can only be canceled the same day the monthly order renews.)

Your payment method will not be charged if we are able to cancel your order. The credit card or bank may void this charge if we refund right away. The refund may not show up on your statement because the original charge was voided.

If we're unable to cancel your order, your payment method will be charged and your items will be shipped to you.

In case one of our solutions did not work for you, we offer a generous refund policy on almost all of our products.

Returns will be refunded in the manner in which the original purchase was made.

How do I return my order?

Contact our Returns Department at 866-942-3288 if you live in the US or Canada. (If you live outside of the US or Canada, call 1-605-252-3234, or email [email protected].) We will provide you with instructions based on which products you ordered, whether digital or physical versions. To serve you and other customers better, we would love to know your reason for requesting a refund, although this is not required for a return.

All physical products included in your purchase need to be returned in order to receive a full refund (printed copies, bottles of supplements - including empty bottles). If your order included a special offer with bonus bottles, you will need to return those as well as they were only free with a purchase.

Once you receive the instructions, return the product to:

Barton Nutrition
Order ID: [Put Order ID here]
4820 Capital Ave NE
Aberdeen, SD 57401

To be eligible for a refund of the original purchase price, physical products, including empty bottles, must be returned to the address provided above. Please ensure to include the Order ID and your contact information (including name, address, and phone) along with the returned items.

Please be advised we do not offer return labels. If you return an item, it is your responsibility to pay for the cost to ship the order back to us and to ensure it gets delivered to us at the requested address. We cannot be responsible for items lost in the mail. Tracking is highly recommended. Do not "Return to Sender," since a higher number of packages tend to get lost that way.

Electronic and digital documents must be deleted from any electronic storage, such as a computer or phone, after the refund is provided.

A refund will be provided for the product purchase price, less any shipping and handling fees.

Credit card refunds will be made back to the original purchase method if the refund is given within 90 days of the initial purchase.

After 90 days, refunds will be given via US check, to a US billing address on file, or through PayPal, to the email address on file. Refunds after 90 days for orders outside of the US and Canada will be refunded via PayPal 99.9% of the time.

If you have questions regarding the renewal date on a membership or subscription, such as the Home Cures That Work monthly publication, please refer to the product description on your email receipt. Most subscriptions renew annually. You may cancel your next renewal anytime before the renewal date.

Our refund policy is also available here:

How long does it take to get my refund?

If you are returning any physical product, as soon as our warehouse confirms that the shipment has arrived and it is processed through our returns department, we will be glad to refund accordingly. This usually takes 2-5 business days once your package arrives.

Once we receive your qualifying return and approve your refund, we will credit your original method of payment. At that time, you will receive an automatic refund notification to the email address on your order.

Depending on your financial institution, the credit usually appears on your bank or credit card account within 2-10 business days (and often sooner).

Missing and damaged orders

Sometimes things don't go as planned. If your order arrived incomplete, contained damaged products, or didn't even show up, we're here to help.

Regardless of your issue, you can always get in contact with us and we will find a solution for you.

If your item is damaged, we will replace the damaged product. If you are missing an item, we will reship the missing pieces from your order.

Please reach out to us and we will help you find a solution!

Call Customer Service at (888) 356-1146 (Outside of the US and Canada: +1 605-252-3234)

Email us [email protected]

What if my order gets stuck at customs?

There is always a possibility for international orders to get stuck at customs. The official of your country's customs office might hold the package until they ensure that it is permissible to cross the border. Normally, the paperwork is inspected, and the parcel cleared. However, sometimes the contents of your package are also inspected, which takes extra time.

You may be contacted by customs to make payment of any duty owed in order to release the package for delivery. The customer will be responsible for any customs fees.

If you are in Canada, please follow the instructions here to check if payment is required:

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

How to Access Digital Purchases, eBooks and Solution Kits?

These are instructions for accessing any digital products you purchased, such as ebooks (PDF) or videos, through your personal Instant Access page.

There are a few ways you can access your order...

Email Receipt
As soon as you place an order, we send you an email receipt to the email address you provided. The email comes from [email protected]. The email contains a link to access any digital products that came with your order. If you did not receive the email in your inbox, be sure to check your SPAM folder.

Go to and enter your email address and Order ID into the tool. If you entered the correct information, you will be provided with a link (URL) to your personal Instant Access page. Copy and paste the link into your Internet search bar to access your purchase.

If you don't know your username (usually the email address that you used to purchase) and password, just click on the "Lost Password?" link and follow the steps it provides to reset it.

If you subscribed to Home Cures That Work, our online magazine, you can access it here.

(The login and Lost Password are on the right hand side of the page.)

NOTE: Barton Nutrition orders have "GARDN-" at the beginning of the Order ID, followed by a series of numbers. If you have questions about an order, and it doesn't begin with GARDN, then you may have purchased a product from one of our trusted advertising partners. If that is the case, you will want to contact that company for additional assistance with your purchase.

If you need additional assistance, please contact us at 866-942-3288 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern time (EST/EDT).

General US Shipping Information

Our supplement orders include free shipping all over the US! Please note you will only be charged a shipping fee of $9.95 if your order includes the printed version of any of our solution kits.

Products ship from our warehouse 24-48 hours after your order is placed. Auto-orders ship the following day after being processed.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a separate email from us with a tracking number and/or link so you can track your order.

Please allow up to 7 business days for your package to arrive, although most customers receive their packages within 3-4 business days.

Books are shipped via UPS by default across the US, unless another option is offered and chosen by the customer. You will receive an email notification that your order has shipped with a tracking number and/or link.

Orders over 1 lb. will be shipped via FedEx within the US. Tracking numbers and/or a link will also be provided by email once the order has been shipped.

If you decide to return any items, you will be responsible for the cost to ship the physical products back to us. More refund information can be found here.

General International Shipping Information

Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for your package to arrive, although some countries require additional time, depending on the postal service in the receiving country.

Books and supplements are shipped via FedEx Best Way or UPS. A tracking number and/or link will be provided by email once the products have been shipped.

If you haven't received your order in the time frame mentioned above, please let us know, and we will be glad to check tracking again (if applicable) and reship your order if necessary.

Do you need supplements for the program to work?

Dr. Saunders does not require that you purchase our supplements in order to be successful in his program. All the details you need are inside the Diabetes Solution Kit to reverse your type 2 diabetes naturally.

We offer natural supplements to our customers because many find them helpful in their health journey or because they simply want further support. Our natural products may be useful, but they are not necessary!

Do I stop taking my medication?

You may feel better than you have in years, but please do NOT stop taking your oral medications or insulin shots without first checking with your doctor.

All Diabetes Solution Kit, High Blood Pressure Solution Kit and Healthy Heart Solution Kit owners who were able to get off their medication did so with their doctors approval.

Stay the course, be strong — you'll get there!

Why isn't it working for me?

Here are some factors that might be affecting your low blood sugar success:

  • Poor eating habits - Too much of the wrong kinds of foods can increase your blood sugar
  • Too much TV time - Watching too much TV (and sitting too much in general) may increase your blood sugar
  • Not enough exercise - Body fat interacts with insulin and other hormones to affect blood sugar development
  • Sleep habits - Sleep disturbances can affect the body's balance of insulin
  • Being over age 45 - The older you get, the more likely you are to need more time for your body to heal itself

Effective blood sugar management means taking a well-rounded approach: You'll need to eat well, exercise, manage stress, and sleep enough, because all these factors can affect your blood sugar levels.

The Diabetes Solution Kit offers the pathway to success, along with our supplements. But staying healthy also requires caring for yourself. How are you doing with this?

How can I join the webinar?

One of the most valuable resources we make available to our dear customers like you is the FREE "Fix Blood Sugar Webinar" that Dr. Scott Saunders and Joe Barton host every week.

On this weekly webinar, which we started back in August 2019, we answer questions about diabetes and other health ailments LIVE on Zoom - and you are invited to join us every week to get your own questions answered!

Just register here to get alerts about the next webinar! Hope to see you there!

If you were unable to watch the live webinar, then you can watch the replays here.

We have covered so many important topics that I know you are going to want to learn about, including intermittent fasting, how to overcome a sweet tooth, how to get off medication, why gut health and diabetes are related...and so much more!

How do I unsubscribe from any of your mailing lists?

There are two quick and easy ways to unsubscribe from our mailing list:

To adjust your email frequency or to unsubscribe, please use the MANAGE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION link at the bottom of one of our emails and update your email preferences.

Email us at [email protected] and one of our customer service representatives will unsubscribe your email address. Or, call us at 866-942-3288 and one of our customer service representatives will take care of your request over the phone.

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