The Secret To Getting Rid of Tingling, Numbing, Shooting Pain Is To COOL DOWN Your Nerves "Overheating Engines!"

Now Get Out Of Pain Fast, and REPAIR Your Damaged Nerves By Stopping the Reason They Hurt in the First Place...

Do you ever wonder why your diabetic neuropathy is getting worse no matter what you try? Shouldn't it at least get a little better with all the medicines out there?

The TRUTH is... there's only ONE way to stop all the tingling, burning and shock-like agony you feel... and that is to stop the SOURCE of nerve pain and damage... so that your nerves can actually heal.

I promise you this: that once you COOL DOWN your nerves "overheating engines"... your pain will be DRAMATICALLY if not completely reduced...QUICKLY!

Seriously... there's no reason you need to be suffering like this!

What's Really Causing Your Nerve Damage, And All That Pain?

By now you probably know that your diabetic high blood sugar is one of the biggest reasons you have nerve pain, but let's look a little deeper "under the hood" to see what else is really going on.

The real villain that is literally setting your nerves "on fire" with massive inflammation is Oxygen Free Radicals. A free radical is an highly unstable molecule that causes inflammation and damages your cells, including your nerve cells...

Left to fester these free radicals will continue to damage your nerves and your condition will most likely get much worse with time.

...and your pain will most likely get much worse with time.

Where do these free radicals come from?

Everyone has some degree or "load" of free radicals because they form naturally in your body, as byproducts from everyday processes like eating and breathing.

But when you're diabetic, you generate even more free radicals due to your high blood sugar...

And then there's the army of free radicals that march into your body through chemical food additives and household products, and environmental toxins in the air, water, and soil.

It's as if your nerves, and your entire body really, is under constant attack from free radicals... and the inflammation they cause is literally burning up your nerve cells!

Picture your nerves with a little "engine" inside each nerve cell...

Just like every car has an engine inside that must be working properly for the car to drive right...

So too each of your nerve cells has an engine inside that must be working properly for your nerves to function normally...

This engine inside your nerve cells (and all cells) is called mitochondria.

The mitochondria is like an engine because it fuels and runs all cells. It's what gives your nerves the vital energy they need to function and be healthy.

Problem is...

When you have diabetes and your sugar levels are always high, and free radicals are attacking from all directions... it's like you're constantly burning your nerve engines on high octane fuel!

So your nerves mitochondria "engines" are always running really hot and in a constant state of "overheating."

It's the same thing that would happen if you were driving down the road and your car's engine overheated. Your car would stop working, and any damage caused by that overheating would need to be fixed before the car could run normally again.

With diabetes, your nerves never get a chance to cool down, and so it's impossible for them to function normally, let alone be healthy.

Not only are they constantly losing the precious energy they need to function, your nerves are burning so much heat for so long that they become damaged...

And once a nerve cell engine gets damaged, your nerves really start to wear down fast...

That's when the pain comes on fast and furious too!

Nerve irritation due to Myelin sheath damage.

It starts when your nerves outside protective covering, called myelin sheath, gets damaged and exposes the "electricity" inside your nerve... much like a frayed power cord!

Just think what would happen if you grabbed a power cord and its live wires touched your skin ‑ OUCH!

The same thing happens in your hands and feet where your nerve cells myelin sheath has become frayed.

It shoots pain in all directions and your nerves electrical signals also begin to misfire.

At first this is slight, which is the tingling you may feel...

Then it becomes much more intense and can literally SHOCK your extremities!

With your poor nerves losing all they're energy and getting so damaged, it's really a miracle they even work at all!

So now what?

Well the TRUTH is...

Your nerves little engines can't fix themselves when you have diabetes because they're constantly running so hot.

So the only way to stop all the numbness, tingling, and shooting pain is to cool down your nerves! This is a critical first step because only then can your body start to REPAIR the damage.

The fact is... it's impossible for your nerves to repair themselves when they're getting blasted with high octane heat all the time!

Your nerves need something that counteracts their overheating engines to get them functioning more normally without pain.

In short, you simply need to cool down your nerves so they can heal...

So, Can Modern Medicine Help?

Unfortunately, even with all the advances in modern medicine today, the most likely response you will get from medical professionals is "well, we can try to manage it... but let's talk about how you can learn to live with it."

Are you kidding me???

With all of the medical advancements we have in the world today and "you just have to live with nerve pain"?

Diabetes Expert
Dr. Scott Saunders, MD

I don't think so. And thankfully, there is a BETTER way – using two POWERFUL all-natural ingredients that are proven to cool your nerves and heal nerve damage.

My good friend, Dr. Scott Saunders, MD, is the Director of the Integrative Medicine Center of Santa Barbara.

He's been helping thousands of his patients for YEARS reverse diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and other metabolic diseases.

In addition to formulating Nervala to help keep blood sugar levels optimal – he also formulated something to specifically help people who have experienced nerve pain, tingling, numbness, and other symptoms that are caused by high blood sugar levels.

It's called NERVALA.

NERVALA is the one supplement that addresses the root cause of your nerve pain, especially if it's getting worse... by giving your nerves the "1-2 punch" they need to stop overheating and start repairing. Let me explain...

The two ingredients in NERVALA are Alpha Lipoic Acid and Benfotiamine, formulated at the exact dosages found to be most effective.

Just what the doctor ordered!

Here's What These Ingredients Do...


Alpha Lipoic Acid

The first ingredient is Alpha Lipoic Acid or ALA...

ALA is a super powerful antioxidant that counteracts free radical attacks and the inflammation "heat" they create in your nerve cells...

ALA gobbles up free radicals so they don't continue to damage your nerves...

Unlike other antioxidants, ALA is able to cross over cell membranes and actually get inside your nerves to shut off the heat...

Once inside, it's like putting a double-cooler around your nerve cells hot engine!

So now... your nerves cells can run nice and cool. This is KEY because it's only when they're not overheating does your body have the green light to start repairing your nerves...

What's unique about ALA is that it works on both the inside and the outside of your nerve cells for complete nerve protection and healing.

ALA gets inside your cells to reduce inflammation caused by free radicals to stop your nerve nerves from overheating... which would otherwise continue to tear up your nerves myelin sheath.

Think of it like plugging the holes of your damaged nerves to reduce electricity exposure and also keep your nerves precious energy from "leaking" out!

ALA also works on the outside of your nerve cells as a "protective shield" because they absorb free radicals before they have a chance to pierce through the membrane of your nerve cells. That way they don't get in to do damage in the first place!

It's as if you put NEW "buffer of protection" rings around the pistons of your nerves!

As the ALA returns your diabetic nerves to the most normal state possible, it keeps working to maintain your cells temperature and optimize nerve health to avoid future damage.

Studies have shown that ALA improves and prevents the progression of neuropathic impairments... especially in the reduction of stabbing pain, burning pain, paresthesia (itching), and numbness in the feet.

But it gets even better... because there's a second ingredient that was added to the formula to keep your nerves powered up and running more efficiently throughout your entire day! It's called...


At the same time the ALA cools down your nerves... Benfotiamine is powering them up!

Benfotiamine helps your nerve cells run more efficiently so they're not putting out a whole bunch of extra energy and running your nerves into the ground.

Essentially this is what diabetes does... It's running your nerves "powerhouse" engine into the ground, which causes damage to the nerve and exposes electricity...

However together, the Alpha Lipoic Acid and Benfotiamine gives your diabetic nerves a 1-2 pain-relieving punch that other supplements simply can't do...

It's what can reduce your pain and heal your nerve condition better than anything you've tried before...

Many ALA supplements have Vitamin B12, but it doesn't usually take care of your nerve pain... and that's because B12, also called Cobalamin, is not absorbed very well into your body.

Benfotiamine – which acts very much like Thiamin Vitamin B1 in your body – is a "must-have" nutrient because it regulates nerve activity and overall nerve health.

Problem is... it's easy to become deficient in Thiamine and, once that happens, a "pain spiral" can occur which makes you even more likely to have other health problems.

In most cases... the regular B1 Thiamine vitamin is dissolved far too quickly in your body, and so if you take most supplements with Thiamine, you're peeing out most of this essential nutrient, and therefore it can't help your nerves.

Fortunately, scientists have developed Benfotiamine – which has the same biological effect on the body as Thiamine but remains in the body longer.

Benfotiamine is absorbed gradually by your body over time, and your body can also store Benfotiamine until you need it.

Benfotiamine is able to cross the blood/brain barrier which allows it to actually get into your nerve cells and make a difference...

So since Benfotiamine stays active in your system longer, and it gets absorbed directly into your nerve cells, it's able to power up your nerves and keep them running more efficiently throughout your entire day!

We know Benfotiamine works. Studies found that diabetes patients with polyneuropathy who supplemented with Benfotiamine for ONLY 3 weeks significantly improved in overall nerve function.

In short, Benfotiamine is a definite "gotta-have" when you are trying to reduce and control your nerve pain... and NERVALA has it in the right form and in the exact pharmacological dose to give you full therapeutic effect!

There's nothing more added to NERVALA because your nerve cells don't NEED anything else to be able to function right and heal when you have diabetes...

In fact, other supplements throw in a whole bunch of extra stuff that your nerves don't need, which not only makes these supplement more expensive... the problem is that those extra, unnecessary ingredients can actually make your nerves function worse!

Expect NERVALA to be completely different than anything else you may have tried in the past...

You get both the Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and the Benfotiamine in a pharmacological dose, which is required for a true therapeutic effect.

Plus, ALA works to protect and heal every cell in your body, regardless of where your free radicals are coming from... making it a CRITICAL nutrient not only for your diabetic nerve health, but your overall health because it stops cell damage throughout your entire body!

So if you or a loved one suffer from nerve pain, tingling, itching or burning, please, do yourself a favor and at least TRY NERVALA...

And today from this page only, you have nothing to lose since we've taken all the risk away.

There is absolutely ZERO risk when you try Nervala.

If you are not 100% satisfied... for any reason... at any point, we will provide you a full refund of your purchase price (minus shipping)!

You can even send us back an empty bottle! Our customer support team will be happy to process your refund up to 365 days from your purchase date. Simply call us toll-free (866) 942-3288, or email [email protected].

I don't think we can be any more fair than taking away all your risk!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is NERVALA the best supplement available for nerve pain management?
NERVALA contains a proprietary blend of two key ingredients that have been the subject of intensive scientific research. This product provides an optimum concentration of each that should be ideal for most people. Dr. Scott Saunders, who has treated patients for years with nerve pain, has determined that Benfotiamine and Alpha Lipoic Acid are the best combination to help with neuropathy symptoms.

Q: What is the exact formulation for NERVALA?
Below is the actual bottle label with exact amounts of each ingredient included.

Q: How long do I need to take NERVALA to determine if it is working?
To put it simply, everyone is different so there is no standard answer. While it's common to experience immediate benefits when taking supplements like NERVALA, scientific studies and real-world experience suggest that results are more gradual and improve over time. Nerve pain, especially, can take extensive time to address. Nerves are notoriously difficult to heal and do not typically respond quickly to any treatment. Therefore, patience is key and our recommendation is to enroll in our automatic delivery option and use the product for at least 6 months before you make a final decision. With our 365 day money-back guarantee, you can always return what you don't use if you decide NERVALA isn't right for you.

Q: When should I take NERVALA?
Take two capsules—one in the morning with breakfast and one in the evening with dinner. After 60 days, you only need to take one capsule with any meal.

Q: Does NERVALA contain any stimulants such as caffeine or ephedrine?
Absolutely not. This product is caffeine – and stimulant–free and contains only natural ingredients designed to address nerve pain.

Q: Should I take NERVALA if I am taking medications or have a medical condition?
NERVALA is well tolerated by most people and is intended for use by healthy adults 18+ years of age. If you have any concerns about other medications or medical conditions you should ALWAYS consult with your physician. Discontinue use immediately and consult your physician if you experience any adverse reaction to this product.

Q: Who is NERVALA NOT for?
NERVALA is not for people who have nerve pain because of:

  • trauma
  • autoimmune disorders
  • surgery
  • toxins (excess heavy metals or chemotherapy)
  • infections
  • tumors
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Q: How quickly will I receive NERVALA after my order is placed?
    You should receive your order within five (5) business days in the continental U.S. International orders may take longer but we can ship to most places around the world, if needed.

    Q: Is it safe to order online from your web site?
    Yes. We use a secure shopping cart where 100% of your data is encrypted and secure.

    Q: How does the monthly autoship program work?
    Monthly autoship is our Courtesy Refill program, ensuring you don’t ever run out of NERVALA! You’ll receive a 30-day supply of NERVALA every month, keeping you healthy and happy year round. Each bottle will ship to your door at the same price you pay today for a single bottle, with free shipping. And if you ever want to cancel, simply call our customer support team at (888) 356-1146, during regular business hours, or simply email [email protected].

    Q: What if I have questions about NERVALA?
    No problem at all. We have a responsive staff of customer support representatives who are ready to answer your questions. You can call us at (888) 356–1146 or email us at [email protected] and we will respond quickly to your questions.

    Q: What if NERVALA doesn't work for me?
    The human body is a complex piece of biological machinery and no two are alike. Therefore, we can't make promises that NERVALA will work for 100% of people who take the product. However, the formulation of NERVALA has been chosen because of the scientific research that is behind each of the ingredients. By having a 365 day money-back guarantee, you have no real financial risk for purchasing NERVALA.

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